The Creative Coalition Launches ‘Art & Soul’

The Creative Coalition is a nonprofit public charity organized by the creative community to learn about pressing issues so they can better inform the public and nation.  At the launch party of their book, Art & Soul, we caught up with the celebrities who attended this event so they could tell us why this charity is so important, and what they do to help.

Click on the videos below to see what they had to say.



 Tichina Arnold tells us why she is so proud to be a part of this organization. 


 Ariel Winter advises fellow teens on how to support the Arts.


 Andrea Bowen tells us why it’s so important to emphasize the Arts in schools.


 President of The Creative Coalition, Tim Daly, wants people to start thinking about the Arts as part of their everyday life.


 Windell Middlebrooks explains what The Creative Coalition is          all about.


 Hector Elizondo believes the Arts play a major role in our nation.


 Brian Smith, photographer of ‘Art & Soul’ explains why so many celebrities come together for this cause.


 Lynn Whitfield on why it’s necessary to keep the Arts alive in public schools, communities and our cultures.


 Jason Ritter explains how he is involved with The Creative Coalition.


 Nia Vardalos advocates for our nation to offer the Arts in our public school system.


 Robin Bronk, CEO of The Creative Coalition, believes that we would be lost without the Arts.




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