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Glee Star Grant Gustin Talks Casual Style


While the 23rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards had no shortage of Glee stars, none looked more stylish than the show’s confident warbler Grant Gustin. Gustin began his career on stage as Baby John in the Broadway Revival Tour of West Side Story. Most recently, he made a guest appearance on the hit television show CSI: Miami. While Gustin was at the event to support Glee’s nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series, he was also well aware of how his character on the show represents GLAAD’s overall mission. “He’s a very confident homosexual, which is nice to see,” said Gustin about his character. “He’s very comfortable and confident with himself.”

Gustin, looking fabulous wearing his Moscot Originals on the red carpet, revealed to RCT reporter, Carly Steel, that when not tormenting his fellow Gleeks as Sebastian Smythe, he likes to keep a more casual look. Preferring a style combination of skinny jeans, plaid shirts and Converse. However, when Gustin decides to go for a more polished look he never strays far from his favorite brand, J. Crew.

Gustin’s top secret for his hair perfection is to use Garnier’s Surf Hairstyling paste, which he applies to his wet hair.

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