Drawing Hope Masquerade Gala: Personal Connections

Drawing Hope International’s Masquerade Gala was a beautiful event celebrating, through art, the strength of sexual abuse and rape survivors. Celebrities and supporters shared their stories with our Compassion with Fashion reporter, Michelle Abraham.

Among the attendees were individuals with personal connections to the cause. Some are survivors themselves, others have loved ones who’ve experienced some kind of abuse, but all of them support the organization’s goal to, “ helps survivors connect with their own strength, see their beauty, and embrace their freedom.”

Co-founders, David Ilan and Michelle Easter chatted with our reporter, as well as celebrity supporters, AnnaLynne McCord, Rakefet Abergel, Shantel VanSanten, and Michelle Chappel.


Founder of Drawing Hope, David Ilan, discusses the Points with Purpose project.


 Michelle Easter explains how Drawing Hope brings people together to support survivors.


AnnaLynne McCord shares her deep connection to the cause.


Rakefet Abergel explains the importance of giving strength to abuse survivors.


Shantel VanSanten speaks about how Team True Beauty and Drawing Hope provide support to survivors.


Michelle Chappel talks about public awareness and showing support.


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